June 2003


The second shipment of goodies from chapter 7


JUNE 2003

1. Steve Turpen, will sponsor one "needy" Sky Soldier to the 2004 Reunion. All cost covered by him. He challenges anyone to match his offer. Any takers?   Please contact Jim Bradley (Above). Way to go Steveo!!!!!, you the Man!

2. Chapter 7 will become a separate Non-Profit group with the IRS and the Treasurer will be bonded

3. Chapter 7 will issue separate, Membership cards 

4. Chapter 7 members will pay a $20 a year activities fee

5. Chapter 7 collected $150 to send a care package to Sky Soldiers in Iraq.

6. Dutch is recovering from his accident with a tree.

7. Still looking for helpers with the 2004 reunion. Can you give us 1/2 a day (or more) during 7-11 July 2004

May 2003


Chapter 7 Care Package


2100 pieces of Hard Candy, Individual wrapped (enough for one piece per person in the Brigade)

540 cups of Instant Coffee, in three large jars

45 Rolls of individually wrapped Toilet Paper (2 Ply)

108 cups of Ramen Noodle Soup, Chicken, individually wrapped

136 serving of Pink Lemonade

144 serving of Gator Aid

128 Disposable Razors

9 Disposable Cameras (possible 243 photos)

100 Tampons