December 2005

Christmas Dinner, Orlando!

December 2005

Christmas cards to the troops

December 2005

Funeral for CSM  Ed Proffitt

November 2005


Afghans, Quilts and Booties for the Troops

November 2005

Colonel Sigholtz Funeral, Arlington, Virginia


October 2005

Operation Christmas Stocking



5 September 2005

Boxes of goodies to Wounded Sky Soldiers (# 6 pounds)

3 September 2005

Halloween Goodies

Pumpkins Skulls


Before 30 Oct

Ready to go

We sent  7 boxes, (Cost $393.28) weight 87 pounds and12 ounces

1 September 2005

Travel Bags

 X 65

11 Packages

Guard Dog


4,500 Playing cards sent to the troops

11 packages 129 pounds

August 2005

Donation To Brigade Sign Fund

August 2005


11 August 2005

Eight boxes containing baby wipes, DVDs and Eyeball Puppets = 50+ Pounds

Eyeball Puppets

Frog              Elephant                  Spider

22 July 2005

Brigade signs donated partly by Florida Sky Soldiers

22 July 2005

Eleven Box containing 3,000 safety razors, some DVDs and water guns were sent to the troops (3 units)

22 July 2005

Sponsored two Sky Soldiers at the Annual Reunion $500

July 2005



18 June 2005

one Box with18 DVDs sent to the troops

18 June 2005

2 More Boxes with 26 HERD Flags donated by Victor and Margo Tejera of Chapter 2 and the

18 June 2005

We sent the below to EACH unit (LRSD, C-1508, C-Med);

Basketball & Basketball hoop, Football, Volleyball set (Net, Ball, etc), Badmitten set, Baseball bat and 4 balls, Soccer ball

Board Game; Survival, Yatze, Risk; Poker games, Poker cards, Poker Chips, Dice

Boxed up ready to go - 18 Boxes!

Special Thanks to Daniel Brothers who donated $500 to make the above happen.!

TOTAL = 138 pounds 6 ounces

1 June 2005

With the assistance of Dart Vader (AKA Bill Klinger) we got the goodies for the Troops)


Then we package up the 200+ books and the the 200+ DVDs, 250+ water Bottles, 4 Microwave ovens, etc


Then we hauled the 59 Boxes weighting 974 pound to the mini post office.

1 May 2005

At the Beer Burgers and Bull shit session

we also made up a package to be sent to our wounded troops in the hospital

28 April 2005

Meeting in Melbourne Florida


1 April 2005

161 pounds ( 8 boxes) of goodies sent downrange (Afghanistan)

to support our affiliate units -  $127.11 shipping cost!

19 March 2005

14 pounds, 15 oz

Afghanistan Visual Aids, Goodies, CDs and other items


3 March 2005

74 pounds, 11 oz

Goodies for the Troops in Afghanistan

February 2005

Bill Vose

Bill Klinger

Old and Bold Parachute Jump

January 2005


LCD projector system shipped to 74th LRSD to be taken to Afghanistan for use by the troops ($1,000)

173rd Airborne Ladies Bags sent to all female sky soldiers in C-Med and Sky Soldiers wives