26 Dec 2006

Christmas Shopping for troops


March 2006

Operation Transition Home

Military service changes people and combat changes people even more. The transition from War to Peace can be a difficult one. To help fellow veterans with this transition, the Florida Sky Soldiers, offers the book "Down Range" as a tool to help in this process. 7,000 copies of this book are being made available Free to veterans, veterans organizations, veteran service officers, the Florida National Guard and the Veterans Administration.

February 2006

1st Annual Shoot Out

This event was a great success as everyone had a good time. We had M-1 Grands, M-1 Carbine, M-14, M16, Chinese Type 54, AK-47, German Mauser, German P-38, US Army M1911-45 Caliber, 9mm Baretta, various pistols, shotguns, etc..

Getting Ready

Take Aim

Jim McSorley fires

a 1918 Mauser


Gerry Stesiak

fires an M-16

Jim McSorley fires

a 1941 German P-38

our only Marine

Fires a 40 mm

Mue fires the 8 mm

1918 German Mauser

The M-1 Carbine

 is so sweet

Bill & Dorothy

Bill Vose shows

 how to use his


Nothing like an

M-14 and a scope

Bradley & Mue

fix a AK-47

Firing the AK-47



Bill Vose

giving advice



All over, time for

Police call

January 2006

National Board of Directors Meeting, Orlando, Florida